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UpperStorey Care Clinic

A Clinic that helps to heal naturally.

Offering a positive approach to health, wellbeing and balance.

Bioresonance Health & Energy

Welcome to UpperStorey Care & Wellness Clinic

Confidence, Stress, Anxiety

Anxiety, Panic Attacks: We provide a proven program that has been successfuly helping people since 1997, more than 20 years and many hundreds of people helped. The Anxiety Free Forever (AFF) Program is available at the clinic and the complete program FREE online. We have developed a program that provides extremely swift and powerful relief  in bringing control and peace of mind back to the individual.

Confidence, Self Esteem : At particular times in our lives, although we may normally be quite a confident individual, we may experience feelings of low self esteem or confidence. We help you to provide a mechanism that re-energises, refreshes and strengthens your inner resolve of esteem and confidence.

Part of the wellness care clinic -

Latest Testimonials


Hi Kevin

I've been doing fine. It feels like I never smoked and I dont even think of cigarette. It's been a week since I had my last cigarette and no cravings at all. I can not believe how easy it can be with this treatment.

Thank you for everything. Regards Imre

- I still can not believe that, this can be so easy as it is. Still no cravings or desire for a cigarette, and I feel lot better day by day.

Thank you again.

Imre Erdelyi - Hereford


Hi Kevin

Jean here, well I must say I'm amazed!

I have no craving for a cigarette although it is strange drinking tea and coffee indoors!!

I have been in the company of smokers and it has not bothered me at all.



Hi Kevin,

Thought I'd drop you a note following my flight to Scotland yesterday.

As bizarre as it felt on Friday tapping myself everywhere, I was actually quite amazed at how relaxed I was yesterday on my flight to Scotland.

As you suggested, I spent some time over the weekend practicing the methods whilst running through the series of events in my head about getting on the plane etc. I also took myself off to the toilets 10 mins before boarding to have a final run through.

On the return flight last night, I was virtually on 0 and was quite looking forwar to it. I spent some time thinking about what would happen if we got stuck on the runway and to my surprise, I couldn't even spook myself!

I'm really keen for you do do some hypnosis to underpin all of this work and to further strengthen my new thinking pattern. I'll give you a call or drop you a note to book a further appointment.

Thanks again,



Hi Kevin

Really did mean to contact you before now, well over the 12 months now, still smoke free.

Thank you so much for all your help

Amanda Harker - Worcs

Hi Kevin

So far so good, very few cravings and those that I have had have been easy to deal with. I have listened to the CD every day not sure how much is going in, I tend to fall asleep but I have to say feel very relaxed after. Chris has been amazed, I think he was dreading it, as when I have given up smoking in the past I become horrible especially to him, he said yesterday that if I was anymore relaxed I'd be in a coma!.

So thank you very much, you gave all and much more than was offered on your website.

Kind Regards

Amanda Harker - Worcs


Hi Kevin,

I am feeling great. I have so much more patience and just feel happier. I am also happy to get up and have a full day. I have done things in the past 4 days that I would have never done previously. I have had some low back pain and a few headaches, but nothing unbearable. Emotionally, I am just a completely different person.

I cannot thank you enough. Really. Our time together was amazing. By the way, I am yet to stay awake for the full hypnotherapy session! :-) I find it incredibly relaxing!

Many thanks,

Julie Ann


I went to see kevin with a severe needle phobia i had developed as a young child, after one session with kevin the phobia was gone, with the use of EFT and hypnotherapy, things have changed for me dramatically, but most importantly, kevin is warm, friendly, and creates a relaxed and positive atmosphere, where you feel you can let go and tackle any problem, kevin also gives material on self help at home, which is an excellent after care service not offered by many others, i would recommend kevin to anyone.



Hi Kevin

It`s been 3 years today that Helen & myself came to your clinic and we have not smoked 1 cigarette in that time,we would like to say again a big THANK YOU.

Hope you are well.

Norma Helen and of course Ron



sorry i have not emailed sooner i wanted to see what would happen first. I am so so so happy to say that i have lost 3 pounds since i saw you 5 days ago !!!! I can not believe it!! I haven't wanted to pick or snack between meals and I FEEL WHEN I'M HUNGRY AND KNOW WHEN TO STOP!! It was strange at first but i'm use to it now. My eating has slowed down and you were right EFT is the best thing ever !!! Plus instead of picking and snacking i seem to be drinking water instead so my brain now knows what my body needs and isn't getting food and drink confused!!!



Before I saw Kevin I had trouble walking up a flight of stairs. With his help I climbed a mountain in the Lake District! LM


It was 5 weeks on Saturday since i came to see you and still have not smoked. I have finished listening to the CD now and feel great. Me and matt are going to New York for New Year as by that time i would have saved around £400 from not smoking so i am treating myself! Hope you are well and still hearing success stories from your clients. I can't thank you enough - its a miracle!! Elizabeth Hill (Lizzy - Non Smoker)


Just a quick e-mail to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for a pain free year. (yes it has been 12 whole months!) Best wishes for 2010! Debs



Stop Smoking

Our Stop Smoking Treatment has worked for many hundreds of people over the 17 years I have been helping people to quit, it's time to let it work for you. Simply pick up the 'phone and book your date to quit smoking now!

See our genuine smoking testimonials - click stop smoking on the top menu bar

UpperStorey Care Clinic


The Healing Room at Healing Waters

Part of the wellness clinic, the healing room offers holistic massage, healing and beauty treatments.

The Healing Room


Bioresonance and what it is?

Bioresonance treatment, works at a physical, cellular level balancing the areas within the body that are ?out of balance? and removing toxins, bacteria and viruses etc; that may have accumulated over a period of time. The treatment serves to remove the obstacles that are preventing the body?s natural immune system resources doing its job. Bioresonance encourages and strengthens the body's own natural mechanisms of recovery and restores balance to those areas of the body?s systems that are out of balance. Allergy detection (imbalance of the body's natural defence mechanisms) and resultant strengthening of the resistance results in relief and subsequent removal of the allergen in the body's system.

Bioresonance treatment as a medical technology has a successful track record of more than 25 years of treating a variety of conditions both in Eastern Europe and globally. The technology is based on the theory that body chemicals are made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of subatomic particles. These particles behave like energy and radiate into their surroundings in specific patterns, called waves. When these waves interact, they can add or subtract energy from each other depending on how they are aligned.

Researchers have been able to analyse the distinct wave patterns of normally functioning body systems and organs as well as those of viruses, allergies, bacteria, and toxins. Bioresonance Therapy can cancel out the electromagnetic charge of these harmful substances and correct 'resistance imbalances' to food or non-food substances. It can also be applied to amplify or strengthen the oscillations of the body?s organs and systems to help re-establish optimal health.

Using Bioresonance, researchers found that it was possible to send an ?inverse oscillation? pattern of energy of any toxin into the body to cancel out its electro-magnetic charge. In theory, this will degrade or eliminate the electro-magnetic field of the toxin. This results in a toxin that is less toxic and damaging to the body and makes it easier for our white blood cells to pick up the inert remains of the toxin and remove it from the body through normal lymphatic system functioning. (Inverse Oscillation is used to detoxify the body of substances like nicotine with smokers, leaving them as if they had never smoked, with no cravings. It is also being used very successfully to enable Class A drug users to detoxify their systems and remove the addiction)

Comprehensive Analysis and Balancing of the entire body?s system is administered during the therapy treatment ensuring strengthening of the body?s natural immune system and increase in energy at all levels

Bioresonance treatment identifies and removes allergens, removes viruses, bacteria and toxins at all levels cancelling out the electromagnetic charge of these substances.

In specific treatments the ?Prescription formula' used by the Centre is based on previous successful patient case studies where areas like the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal glands, Endocrine system and Autonomic Nervous System etc; have proven to be out of balance with certain conditions. (i.e. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia)

The centre has developed tailored Prescription Formula applications (i.e. for Hay Fever, Asthma etc;) ensuring that the most effective and directed treatment is available for its patients

Bioresonance Health & Energy Balancing Products


The DISK DOCTOR® is an energy balancing system contained on an 80 mm (3¼?) disk. It is supplied in a hardwearing polypropylene carrying case that the user can place in clothing or wear on a thin strap hanging around the neck. The DISK DOCTOR® range works most effectively if worn within 75 mm (3?) of the body. The carrying case holds up to two disks that can be of different formulae eg. ?Weight Balancing? and ?Immune Enhancer?, or ?Immune Enhancer? and ?Cold and Flu?, etc

Disk Doctor Health Range

Below is a complete listing of all Disk Doctor products in the Health Range.

It is essential you purchase a strap and carry case to help you "wear" your Disk Doctor

To use the Disk Doctors® a strap and carry case set is recommended. This will allow you to hang the Disk Doctor® from your neck. Each case can contain one or two Disk Doctors® simultaneously so you can load the case with whichever specific disks you require at the time. You can choose between a white strap or a purple strap.

Disk Doctor Strap & Carry Case (White or Purple) £6.77

Code Title                                        Code Title

MF7 Antismoke                                MF13 Anxiety and Stress

MF20 Burns and Scalds                   VS23 Chakra Restoration

MF6 Cystitis                                     MF61 Ear Infection

MF28 Eczema                                   MF3 Gastro

VS24 General Energy Balancing     VS21 Grounding

MF5 Haemorrhoids / Varicose Veins MF11 Hayfever and Allergy

MF62 Hepatitis                                  MF17 Immune Formula 1 (viral and environmental toxin clearing)

MF18 Immune Formula 2 (enhancer) MF10 Influenza and Common Cold

MF4 Insect Bites                               MF12 Insomnia

VS52 Liver Balance                            MF15 Menoflush

MF1 Muscle and Tissue Recovery      MF16 Osteoarthritis

MF22 Overseas Formula 1                  MF27 Painful Periods

MF26 PMS                                         MF14 Prostate

MF29 Shingles                                    MF9 Sinusitis

VS25 TCM                                         MF8 Thrush and Candida

MF2 Travel (motion sickness)           MF19 Weight Balancing

All Disk Doctor® products are currently priced at £12.74 plus VAT where applicable

Other Bioresonance Products in our range include:

Computer Clear - Many people suffer discomfort after working long hours on the computer. This is in part due to the fact that computers produce an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF radiation) which is considered to be harmful to the human body's own electrical field. Over the past few years the popular press has increased public awareness of this concern, so nowadays there is increased interest in the effects upon health of EMF exposure. It is widely accepted that constant exposure to the kind of radiation emitted by computers leaves us feeling drained and fatigued. Computer Clear® is a subtle energy balancing software program which is designed to help overcome the harmful effects of this problem

Computer Clear is a software programme that modulates harmful electromagnetic radiation discharged from your computer screen and into your body. It cleverly uses this same electromagnetic field to superimpose the Computer Clear programme and release over 34,000 different bioresonance remedies into you to harmonise imbalances. Every imbalance in the body has a complementary energetic pattern that will bring it back to optimum health; the body knows best and responds via resonance to accept the patterns that it needs. The effective range of Computer Clear is 1.5 metres from the computer/screen in all directions.

Dramatic reductions in anxiety and stress levels

Improvements in concentration and perception

Reduction of headache problems

Minimisation of adverse health reactions to electromagnetic radiation

Greater clarity of thought and more energy

Enjoyment of homoeopathic remedies designed to strengthen and support the immune system

Computer Clear CD £34.02 plus VAT

For information on the following products please contact [email protected]

Docking Station / e-Capsules / e-Lybra i-Pod system / Food & Drink Energiser / Water Enhancer / Pain Care Cushion etc;

A member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners