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UpperStorey Care Clinic

A Clinic that helps to heal naturally.

Offering a positive approach to health, wellbeing and balance.

How to Stop Worry and Relax 'Anxiety' mp3's Download Page

NB: Please read this first to successfully download the mp3 file. You need to right click on the link below and then right click on the 'save the link' file to save the file to your computer or mobile. You only need to download the file to an area on your computer once. You can then play the recording as many times as you like

Anxiety mp3's

Anxiety mp3 Track 1                Anxiety mp3 Track 2

How to Stop Worry (Thought Processing) mp3's and pdf's

How to Stop Worry pdf                Conscious Thought Processing pdf

Learning to Relax mp3 Track 1      Learning to Relax mp3 Track 2